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There Is No Time Like the Present

It was as sad as it was predictable. There we were, in the grocery store, looking at meat prices. We had just received one of those big flyers in the mail touting a really good sale on 85/15 ground meat. That’s my go-to mix for cooking burgers on my grill — not so “fire-starting,” if you know what I mean, but it still has enough fat content to get that amazing, fresh-from-the-grill taste! Yummy! Read more

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Is COVID-19 Driving Up My Health Insurance Costs?

Part of my job as a health care economist for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is to talk to people, explaining health care costs and what Blue Cross does to safeguard your health care premium. A very common question I get hit with is whether the money we’ve spent over the past 18 months or so treating COVID-19 patients has translated into higher health insurance rates for our customers. Read more