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Changes to the Individual Market in 2024

Last month, I, and a bunch of other subject matter experts at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, spent a few mornings telling our producers and brokers (the people who help our clients find the right plan for themselves or their employees) all about what’s new from Blue for 2024 health plans.

We have nearly a thousand producers and brokers who represent 18,000 companies in Louisiana doing business with us. Those companies currently cover almost a million people scattered around the state. And the producers who serve them need the latest and greatest information they can get to make sure the offers to these employers are affordable and cover exactly the needs their members have.

And today, I’m sharing with you what I presented to our producers in October. The individual market is changing, and, in this video (4:28), I’m telling you why.

Posted on: November 2, 2023

One comment on “Changes to the Individual Market in 2024

  1. Susan Porter

    Thanks Mike, its always a pleasure to hear your take on the individual marketplace changes and upcoming news. I live and breathe it every day, thanks again and looking forward to the next time!! Susan Porter/Insurance Services of America/Group Insurance


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