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Space-Age Medicine at Space-Age Prices

One of the things you learned very quickly while growing up in our household was, “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know!” That was my dad’s way of saying that we were poor. Not grinding-into-the ground, begging-for-food poor, but we started out with much less than our neighbors had. In fact, I was born into a 35-foot travel trailer in my Maw Maw’s back yard in 1961. And within two years, I had had two sisters, too! Read more

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Who Can Afford to Leave Money on the Table?

I think we all have this person in our lives: “I take care of myself. Don’t ask anyone for anything. I just want everybody to take care of themselves and that’s that! I can take care of myself!”

The notion of taking care of yourself and not being super dependent on others has some attraction for many of us, and is a source of pride, even. But there are times when it just makes sense to accept help that’s offered. Read more