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Want To See Something Cool? Watch This:

As my lovely bride of 35+ years will tell you, I’m a bit of a new-gadget person (that’s like saying Tiger Woods might have hit a golf ball or two in his time). I’ve always been fascinated by new technology and new ways of getting things done. So, as you might imagine, I have quite a collection of toys and apps. Would it surprise you to know I started computer gaming on home computers in 1981? Or that I’m still at it? Yep, last night was “Halo Night!”  That’s the reality of me. Read more

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Firearms and Health Care: There is a Connection

As a lifelong Louisiana resident, with a dad who served in the U.S. Army, it probably wouldn’t surprise you a bit to know that I was raised with guns in the house. More than a few, in fact. My dad’s job in the Army and later National Guard was as a Firearms Instructor. In fact, he taught people how to properly instruct others on firearms safety. As his oldest child, he practiced his instruction on me, to the point where I could have taught the safety class at about age five. Read more

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How Late is Late? What Will Your Health Insurance Cost in 2023?

My brilliant youngest daughter is almost finished her doctoral program. She is so smart and so focused, even at 25 years old, she sometimes just blows me away. She finished high school and college early and is just flat-out smarter than me! Since I can’t really counsel her on her studies (many days I have no idea what she’s talking about 😊), when we talk, I like to focus on things she doesn’t have time for, like her own state of mind and outlook for her life. Read more