Employers, Are You Ready for IRS Letter 226J?

Since early 2013, when we got the final rules for employers offering health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, I have spoken to and met personally with literally thousands of employers to help them understand their compliance burdens under the ACA as business owners. Many of them were, and […]

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Straight Talk to Video: Part II

Drug Company Magic: What’s the fastest growing thing that affects the cost of your health insurance premiums? The answer may surprise you.

Rising Healthcare Rates: Why are rates going up so fast for health insurance? The answer depends on where you get your insurance from.

Why I Love Working for Blue Cross: […]

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More Airline Friendly, Back on The Rack, Tracking Everything!

On Aug. 13, 2017, after seeing my weight on a scale hit more than 300 lbs. just two weeks after my 56th birthday, I drew a line in the sand.

“NO MORE!” I said to myself, and proceeded to make some health, diet and lifestyle changes all aimed at being sustainable. […]

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So, What’s the Deal with Medicare and Open Enrollment?

Every year, tens of thousands of my friends and neighbors here in Louisiana turn 65 years old, thus “aging in” to the Medicare program. They will be joining over 55 million Americans already in the program.

If you have Medicare, you probably know that every fall brings a chance to make […]

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Executive Orders: Association Health Plans

I promised you I would take you more in depth on parts of President Trump’s Executive Order on healthcare. Today we look at Association Health Plans.

Did you ever wake up in the morning with a whiz-bang idea to change the world?

You know that feeling — you bounce out of bed, […]

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