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Kids Going Back to School? Put an Annual Checkup on the To Do List

I’m traveling this week and taking a break from writing. Instead, here is our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Vindell Washington, with a post about keeping your children healthy. Why is this important to talk about on a blog about healthcare costs? Well, for one, it meets Blue Cross’s mission of improving the health and lives of Louisianians. Second, staying healthy is one way to keep healthcare costs down, as well as reduce missed days of school and work. I know that’s important to the people who read this blog.

–        MB 

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How is Blue Cross Protecting Your Personal Data?

These days, all data is a prime target for cyber attacks and breaches. From malicious apps on Facebook that want to steal your photos to hackers who want your banking, health and other private information, you have to know who to trust.

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, our mission is to improve the health and lives of Louisianians – and that includes how we store, use and protect your health data. We carefully control who can see your data, and we have strong safeguards to make sure no one from the outside can get inside.

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