You want me to pick up WHAT for Supper? The Trials and Tribulations of Fixing My Health!

NOTE FROM MIKE: Lots happening this week with Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson (GCHJ, the other healthcare reform bill I said last week that I’d write about), including the latest that the Senate will not vote on the bill. I’ll be back to give you my take on the entire legislative ups and downs. […]

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Single Payer? Medicare For All? Exchange Failures?

I once heard a radio host say “Dreaming is important. But to do my job, I HAVE to be the mayor of Real Ville!”

I’m totally in on that one. You can’t deliver Straight Talk if you’re not willing to live in Real Ville. This doesn’t mean I like crushing people’s […]

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Straight Talk Podcast, Episode 2

You Get What You Pay For

Listen to Mike tell it Straight! Our Straight Talk podcast series brings you the latest information and updates on healthcare reform, costs & quality. Today, we are focusing on costs.

Mike explains why healthcare coverage costs what it does, what your money actually pays for and […]

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Business Leaders Get Tips for Improving Health, Reining in Costs at Health Forum

The rising cost of healthcare and potential legislative changes are causing employers a lot of concerns. That’s why Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana partnered with Greater New Orleans, Inc. and the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce to host the second annual Business to Business Forum on Healthcare Solutions […]

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Bringing Answers Straight to Business Community: The New Orleans B2B Healthcare Forum

More than 90 percent of the people who have private health insurance in Louisiana get it because they either: have a job, are retired from a job or are related to someone who has a job.

This means employers statewide are huge partners in your healthcare, and a large segment of […]

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