Podcast: ACA, AHCA and What’s Next in Washington, D.C.

Mike Bertaut appears on the Jim Engster Show to rehash the demise of the AHCA and to discuss what could be coming next out of our nation’s capital.

Mike Bertaut on the Jim Engster Show

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Straight Beyond the Call of Duty

Fair enough!

I get quite a bit of feedback every week as we’ve expanded the reach of Straight Talk around the state and beyond. Much of it expresses similar sentiments to this Blue Cross member. He wants me to disclose that health insurance providers made more profits with the “Affordable” Health […]

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The Short Life and Sudden Death of the American Health Care Act

That was quick.

Less than one month ago, I was handed the text of two documents, one on its way to the House Ways and Means Committee, and the other bound for the House Energy and Commerce Committee in Washington, D.C. Combined, those documents became the American Health Care Act (AHCA) […]

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Straight Talk Update

Straight Talk would normally come to you today, but instead we are eagerly watching the latest developments out of Washington, D.C., on the American Health Care Act.

Republicans in the U.S. House on Monday released several key changes to the Act that would soften the blow of proposed changes on those […]

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The American Health Care Act (ACHA): Impact on Your Health Insurance

In case you missed it, congressional Republicans are fast-tracking through normal procedures a couple of draft bills that could have huge impacts on the Affordable Care Act. Though not as ambitious as the original ACA, which was more than 2,800 pages long, the American Health Care Act (which the two […]

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