How ‘Special’ is Special Enrollment?

Today, my phone was ringing, and the display showed a phone number in Menomonie, Wisconsin. “Computer-driven sales call” was my first thought. I don’t know anyone in Menomonie. But the call kept coming, twice a day. Finally, after sending it to voicemail three times, out of sheer frustration, I just […]

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The Flu: What Is It and Should I Be Worried?

I’m sure we’ve all seen the news by now – we’re having a very tough flu season. I like to add perspective to the headlines, so today I’ll share a bit of what I’ve learned about the flu with you.

What Is the Flu?
What we call “the flu” is actually a […]

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Podcast: Straight Talk with Michael Bertaut, Episode 4

In this edition of the Straight Talk podcast, Mike Bertaut shares a personal story about shopping for the best price for a medical procedure, the frustrations he found and what Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is doing to make it easier for you to have a more “Amazon-like” […]

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Straight Talk on How We Spend Your Money

Want the Straight Talk on how we spend your money? Healthcare Economist Mike Bertaut lays it out, in plain English, in this video from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

The dollars you pay us for health insurance go right back out to pay the medical expenses for you and […]

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Prohibition or Prescription? The Status of Medical Marijuana and Health Insurance

You’ve got to love America. We have a long history of love/hate relationships with mood-altering substances, which we have often described as having “medicinal value” until science stops us cold. Of course, these scientific studies in medicine often never catch up to folklore, which exists everywhere in our culture in […]

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