What? Me, Worry?

Sometimes we get emails and communications from our members that project a ton of uncertainty and fear. Like this one:
“Why isn’t BCBS actively, openly, LOUDLY fighting the current Administration’s efforts to dismantle the ACA? How will I be able to afford my medications? How will I be able to see […]

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What is Health Insurance, Exactly?

Every so often, I go on WRKF’s Talk Louisiana with Jim Engster and talk about what’s happening in health insurance, healthcare reform and other topics on. I was on the air just this week when I got this question:

“You cannot buy your health. Why do I have to pay for […]

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Why We Are Here

Every two weeks, I have the distinct pleasure of speaking to a group of Blue Cross’ newest hires in a class we call Health Insurance 101. The crux of the lesson is a simple one: What’s the point of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana? Why are we here?

It […]

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Looking Forward with Data: Can Blue Cross Predict the Future?

Brilliant! Occasionally, I get to work with someone whose grasp of technology and the real possibilities of data and modeling just blow me away.

Somesh Nigam, our new Chief Analytics and Data Officer, is exactly this kind of fellow.

He will tell you that a payer like Blue Cross is the only […]

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The Cost of Louisiana’s Diabetes Problem

When I was a little boy growing up in the 1960s, there was an elderly widow who lived next door to us whom all the kids loved. Miss Elaine had been married to an Army staff sergeant who traveled the world with her in tow. She was a tough cookie! […]

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