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Facts on the ACA and Rising Costs

Straight Talk by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana/

Why Louisiana Isn’t California

Don’t you ever get tired of hearing it? I sure do, the same old song:

“Louisiana ranks 49th in compared to the other 50 states! We need to do something about that!” I really didn’t get what that was about. Until a few weeks ago…

Recently, I spent five days in California, specifically […]

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Can I See a Medical Professional on my Computer, Tablet or Phone? You Bet!

Most of us have already been there. Someone very dear to you, a child, parent, brother, sister or spouse gets sick, and then really sick, and you get scared. And of course, it’s 11:30 at night on a Saturday! What to do?

As a first-time parent, I remember clearly being home with my six-month-old daughter one […]

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Hyperbole Rules the Day as the House Passes the AHCA

The Olives: “The Grapes are Gutting Obamacare!! People will die!”

The Grapes: “Obamacare is FAILING! We need to repeal/replace it!”

On Thursday afternoon, May 4, 2017, the United States House of Representatives, by a vote of 217-213, passed the American Healthcare Act (AHCA). You may recall I talked at length about the proposed act. So now that […]

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Drug Company Magic, Part 2

Drug Company Magic, Part 2

As we move further into 2017, I am increasingly concerned about the impact drug price increases have on your premiums. I’ve written before about the “magical” way drug companies arrive at their pricing.

To make matters worse, it’s very difficult for all of us as patients to make informed decisions about which […]

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At Some Point, You Just Get Tired of Losing Friends. I’m There …

I know many of you who read Straight Talk faithfully will recall that on many occasions I have spoken directly about the way a good relationship with a primary care doctor who helps you manage things like your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar can help extend your life.

When you track these important measures, take your […]

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Shoring Up Healthcare.Gov

Blue Cross considers it an important part of our mission to improve the health and lives and Louisianians. We want to give our family, friends and neighbors financial security in their day-to-day lives against terrible illnesses, give them a clear path to improving their health and help them put off chronic disease for as long […]

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Podcast: ACA, AHCA and What’s Next in Washington, D.C.

Mike Bertaut appears on the Jim Engster Show to rehash the demise of the AHCA and to discuss what could be coming next out of our nation’s capital.

Mike Bertaut on the Jim Engster Show

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Straight Beyond the Call of Duty

Fair enough!

I get quite a bit of feedback every week as we’ve expanded the reach of Straight Talk around the state and beyond. Much of it expresses similar sentiments to this Blue Cross member. He wants me to disclose that health insurance providers made more profits with the “Affordable” Health Care act than in the […]

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The Short Life and Sudden Death of the American Health Care Act

That was quick.

Less than one month ago, I was handed the text of two documents, one on its way to the House Ways and Means Committee, and the other bound for the House Energy and Commerce Committee in Washington, D.C. Combined, those documents became the American Health Care Act (AHCA) HR 1628.

The act flew through […]

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Straight Talk Update

Straight Talk would normally come to you today, but instead we are eagerly watching the latest developments out of Washington, D.C., on the American Health Care Act.

Republicans in the U.S. House on Monday released several key changes to the Act that would soften the blow of proposed changes on those 50 – 64 years old. […]

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