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There Is No Time Like the Present

It was as sad as it was predictable. There we were, in the grocery store, looking at meat prices. We had just received one of those big flyers in the mail touting a really good sale on 85/15 ground meat. That’s my go-to mix for cooking burgers on my grill — not so “fire-starting,” if you know what I mean, but it still has enough fat content to get that amazing, fresh-from-the-grill taste! Yummy!

But none of the prices we saw in the flyer were reflected on the meat in front of us at the store. My bride and I sought out a butcher to ask what was up.

“Oh, that was LAST week’s flyer! Your postman must have mixed them up!” So disappointing. We missed the sale.

The price of missing that sale was probably less than $10, considering how much meat we had planned on buying. Not that big a deal. But, getting the best deal in town on HEALTH INSURANCE could save you thousands of dollars and change your life. No exaggeration.

For One (More) Week Only! Great Health Plans at Good Prices

The Open Enrollment Period for buying health insurance on ENDS this Saturday, Jan. 15. The coverage is the cheapest it’s ever been, with 95% of Louisiana residents now eligible for financial aid to help them pay for their health plans. That’s right, that many Louisianians earn incomes that qualify for federal financial help called Advanced Premium Tax Credits. As the name implies, the amount you qualify for is applied to the premium cost for the 2022 health plan you buy.

IF you fit into any of these categories, you could qualify for federal financial help:

  1. I’m employed, but my job doesn’t offer me health insurance coverage.
  2. I’m employed, but the coverage my job offers me doesn’t fit the federal definition of “affordable.” (This is trickier, but you are not required, as an employee, to pay more than 9.61% of your W-2 wages in health insurance premiums. If your share is more than that, you can shop on )
  3. I’m unemployed or self-employed and have no coverage or an offer of coverage from any employer.

These are just some of the triggers that would let you buy health insurance on and draw down federal assistance to help you pay your premiums. The federal Advanced Tax Credits are the most generous we’ve ever seen and 2022 may be the last year they are funded so generously, so the time to act is NOW.

But Wait, There’s More! Agents Are Standing By

Here’s the best part – you don’t have to act alone! You can work for free with a qualified agent who understands plans. Your agent can review choices with you, help you figure out how you fit into any of the three categories above and get you signed up. Connect with one by visiting or calling 1-844-GET-BLUE (1-844-438-2583). There is no obligation to buy because you speak to an agent.

Remember when you are shopping, make ABSOLUTELY sure the plan you’re looking at covers YOUR DOCTORS, HOSPITAL and PRESCRIPTIONS. There are many plans available in Louisiana, but some of them have very small networks and cover few doctors, hospitals and prescription drugs. Make sure the plan you select fits your needs. I share some more tips about what to consider when picking your plan here.

Time is running out, so act now! Call 1-844-GET-BLUE (1-844-438-2583) or go to before this Saturday, the 15th of January.

Any coverage you buy now will begin on Feb. 1, 2022, so move quickly!

The Straight Talk is, you’ll never get a better chance to buy health insurance at a lower price.

Posted on: January 13, 2022

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