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Straight Talk to Video: Part II

Drug Company Magic: What’s the fastest growing thing that affects the cost of your health insurance premiums? The answer may surprise you.

Rising Healthcare Rates: Why are rates going up so fast for health insurance? The answer depends on where you get your insurance from.

Why I Love Working for Blue Cross: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is a Louisiana company, making Louisiana decisions for Louisiana people and for Louisiana reasons.

Trump’s Executive Orders on Healthcare: Bertaut explains President Trump’s Executive Order on healthcare and how is it going to change buying healthcare going forward.

Tired of Losing Friends: One of the problems with middle-age men is that they don’t like to go to the doctor.

Healthcare Around the World: Why do Americans pay for healthcare so differently than people in France, Germany or Spain? Bertaut has a great story to tell.

Empowering Employers: Want to attract and maintain staff long-term? Bertaut offers advice.

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