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Using Big Data to Solve Big Healthcare Issues

I’m back today to continue our series introducing you to some of the amazing people who work here at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. Our company is on the cutting edge of data innovation, and I want to tell you more about the person in charge of that program.

Somesh Nigam, Ph. D., is our chief analytics and data officer. He goes by his first name around the office. You met him earlier this year, when I introduced you to our Data Excellence team.

Somesh is transforming how Blue Cross gets, stores, analyzes and uses data to make positive changes in people’s lives. He and his team are finding answers in data that lead to innovations or help us find new, better ways of doing things that result in improved care and health outcomes for members.

We’re on a data excellence journey to solve major healthcare issues in Louisiana, and Somesh is leading the way.

Posted on: October 9, 2019

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