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Dr. Jeremy Wigginton, Champion of Health Quality and Innovation

Note from Mike: It’s been a while since I brought my Straight Talk audience one of these videos. Today, I’m introducing someone we at Blue Cross consider a Thought Leader. To us, a thought leader is a person who is working to solve problems in health care and health insurance and leading innovations.

Dr. Jeremy Wigginton trained as a family medicine physician in Mississippi. After several years practicing medicine in Mississippi and Louisiana, he joined Blue Cross in 2016. Dr. Wigginton told me that one reason he decided to join Blue Cross was because he felt as a doctor in a practice he was able to help individuals get the highest quality and highest value health care but couldn’t reach as many people as he wanted. Here at Blue Cross, he is able to help all our members.

Today, Dr. Wigginton is our Vice President for Health Quality and Innovation. He focuses on innovation in health care delivery and value-based contracting. Dr. Wigginton works with providers. He also reaches out to group leaders (those are the people Blue Cross contracts with to provide insurance to their employees and other group members). He takes complex information and boils it down to information that is easily understood, allowing our partners to take action.

In this video (2:13), Dr. Wigginton talks about his role at Blue Cross and where he sees medicine progressing in the coming years.

Posted on: May 13, 2022

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