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What’s New from Blue For 2023 Health Plans

In late September, I, and a bunch of other subject matter experts at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, spent a few mornings telling our producers and brokers (the people who help our clients find the right plan for themselves or their employees) all about what’s new from Blue for 2023 health plans.

It’s good information, and we wanted to take the time to share the highlights of my presentation (and a couple of others) with all of our Straight Talk readers.

View the video (4:51) or listen to the podcast (8:47) to learn more about the No Surprises Act, Medicaid Income Checks, Life, Dental and Vision coverage and Blue Cross’s Innovative Analytics & Care. I also talk about waiting on a fix to the family glitch. (Spoiler: the new rule was announced this week and I’ll break it down next week right here.)

Posted on: October 14, 2022

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    • Michael Bertaut

      Absolutely. Go to and select “Shop Our Plans” and then “Medicare”. Scroll down and you’ll see “Blue Choice 65”. That’s where you want to click through. If you get stuck, call 1-800-737-4043. Thanks!…mrb


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