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Straight Talk Podcast | Episode 7

Want in on an inside conversation between Healthcare Economist Mike Bertaut and one of his Straight Talk producers? They are interesting exchanges. In this one, which we recorded for you, we talk about the latest news with the ACA, even going back in time a bit.

We also talk about how the ruling could affect some really popular benefits of the ACA, like coverage on your parents’ plan until age 26, no exclusions for pre-existing conditions and Medicaid expansion. But there are other things that could protect those policies.

There’s more too. Listen to find out what we talked about.

We are looking for questions for a future Straight Talk podcast. If you have a question you want Mike to answer, please leave a comment here or email You may hear it on our next podcast.

Can’t listen to the podcast? Read a transcript here.

Posted on: February 5, 2020


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