Straight Talk with Mike Bertaut
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Straight Talk Podcast, Episode 1

Straight Talk Podcast

Listen to Mike tell it Straight! Our Straight Talk podcast series brings you the latest information and updates on healthcare reform, costs & quality.

Episode 1: Straight Talk Goes Audio

Mike explains why Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana created Straight Talk, and he breaks down the keys to creating a stable individual insurance risk pool:

  1. Risk pool diversity
  2. Age rating
  3. Enforcement
  4. Special Enrollment Period tightening

Straight Talk Podcast, Episode 1

3 comments on “Straight Talk Podcast, Episode 1

  1. Catherine

    Thank you Mr. Bertaut and BCBS for helping me better understand the ever so confusing world of healthcare and insurance. I always look forward to getting your updates and any new posts. Straight Talk is very much appreciated!


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