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Straight Talk on How We Spend Your Money

Want the Straight Talk on how we spend your money? Healthcare Economist Mike Bertaut lays it out, in plain English, in this video from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

The dollars you pay us for health insurance go right back out to pay the medical expenses for you and your fellow Blue Cross and HMO Louisiana members. This video shows where each of the pennies of the average Blue Cross premium “dollar” goes.

2 comments on “Straight Talk on How We Spend Your Money

  1. Brett Graham

    Michael, I congratulate you on creating a good tool to communicate the process of how health insurance works as well as the specific %’s in your market. Very helpful. All the best, Brett

    • Michael Bertaut

      Your comments are very much appreciated! I have been blessed with an amazing team who edit and compile my Straight Talk work. It’s not always easy to turn my random brain dumps into sensible prose! I’d like to call out the whole team here:

      Editors: Lindsey Burton, Kristin Sunde, Tara Lachney, Desiree Robertson
      Web Design/Graphics: Rich Loupe, Alex Biglane, Blake Cason

      Hope I didn’t forget anyone! Thanks guys!…mrb


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