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Selling Across State Lines

One of the concerns about health insurance shopping is a lack of choices, especially in the individual market. We are one of just two plans on still offering plans across Louisiana, even as other health plans have dropped out over the past few years

Many people have brought up the idea of shopping across state lines to buy health insurance. It makes sense – more choices, better options. Surely, it must be the best deal for my money.

Well, not necessarily. This week on Straight Talk, Mike explains why the pros of buying your insurance across state lines may not overcome the “health insurance home field advantage” in a short video.

5 comments on “Selling Across State Lines

  1. Nikki Reynolds

    HI there,

    I wanted to ask you about your comment from above, “Right now in Louisiana, only two companies sell plans on, and only one (Blue Cross) sells them in every parish of the state.”….where are you getting this information? I actually work for the other carrier that sells plans on We do sell on and off exchange plans in EVERY parish of Louisiana just like BCBSLA. I just wanted to get some clarification. Thank you!

    • Michael Bertaut

      This is a great point! As you can see, we have corrected the text accordingly. Apologies for any inconvenience.


  2. Mick Essex

    Mike, BCBS is not the only carrier offering health insurance through the marketplace in all 64 parishes. Vantage Health Plan does as well. I hope to see a retraction and a correction very soon


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