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Personalized healthcare: The next era of medicine?

Today, we are starting a new, occasional series on Straight Talk. I’m going to introduce you to some remarkable people here at Blue Cross, letting you get to know how they think and how they are leading Blue Cross in solving problems and developing innovations for the health insurance industry.

Kicking us off is Dr. Vindell Washington, our chief medical officer here at Blue Cross. You’ve heard from him in these pages before – talking about our Quality Blue program, kids’ health and healthcare innovation.

Today, Dr. Washington – Doc, as he’s known around here – is making the connection between affordability and health in this video (3:42). He believes we are headed to more personal care, which is going to change how healthcare is structured and how we pay for it. Doc is drawing on his experience as an ER doctor, Army medic and federal health IT official to champion the next era of medicine, where services are tailored to the individual and outcomes are improved.

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