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Ah, Mike Reitz, We Will Miss You!

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana has been outrageously blessed with talent over the years (and I’m not even talking about me!) and the 40-year commitment of Mike Reitz to this company, along with decades of time committed by his father before him (Mr. Howard Reitz). Their combined efforts have been instrumental in making Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana the stable, customer-focused entity that it is today.

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You have ‘Blue Cross’? I have ‘Blue Cross’ too! Why are they so different?

Of the 4.6 million people in our state, about 1.6 million of them (almost 34%) have a Blue Cross card in their pockets right now. “I have Blue Cross” is something people are very happy to say when they have health needs, need a new prescription, etc. Even for things as simple as their annual check-ups, there is much comfort in saying, when you get asked at the doctor’s office, “I have Blue Cross.”

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