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Looking Forward with Data: Can Blue Cross Predict the Future?

Brilliant! Occasionally, I get to work with someone whose grasp of technology and the real possibilities of data and modeling just blow me away.

Somesh Nigam, our new Chief Analytics and Data Officer, is exactly this kind of fellow.

He will tell you that a payer like Blue Cross is the only entity in our state that has all the data we can use to help people to know where they can access the highest-quality care out there. In fact, as a person who actually worked on IBM’s Watson before he came to Louisiana, Somesh is taking us beyond looking at the past and forward with predictive analytics.

What does that mean? What if we could identify the members who are most likely to go into hospital over the next three or six months, reach out to them, help them with whatever health conditions are making them at risk for the hospital and intervene before it happens? Wouldn’t YOU like to avoid a hospital stay?

I sure would! Listen to Somesh talk about the role data will play in moving our health plan forward into the future, and how it’s helping us fulfill our mission to improve the health and lives of Louisianians. It’s exciting stuff!

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