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Is Single-Payer Healthcare a Single-Sided Salad Bar?

According to a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll, which asks Americans about healthcare topics each month, support for Medicare-for-all, which we’ve called “singlepayer healthcare” in these pages, has narrowed in recent months. In a poll conducted Oct. 3 – 8, 2019, 51% of those polled said they favor a national health plan and 47% opposed. That’s a 5% drop since the beginning of the year.

It seems Americans are starting to think similarly to me – single-payer healthcare will narrow our choices when it comes to healthcare.

Today, I’m back with a new video (3:56) that compares Medicare-for-all with a single-sided salad bar. Ever walked up to a salad bar and found it hard to reach the good stuff in the back, like cheese and meats? Some restaurants keep their salad bars against the wall so you can only access it from one side. Then they put the good stuff farther back, harder to reach.

In this analogy, bacon and neurosurgery = same thing. Compare that hard-to-reach bacon and cheese to medical procedures like specialty surgery and advanced imaging that are rationed in a single-payer healthcare system. Watch the video to see more.

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