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Category: ACA and Policy, Health Insurance

Prohibition or Prescription? The Status of Medical Marijuana and Health Insurance

You’ve got to love America. We have a long history of love/hate relationships with mood-altering substances, which we have often described as having “medicinal value” until science stops us cold. Of course, these scientific studies in medicine often never catch up to folklore, which exists everywhere in our culture in the form of things we “know” but cannot prove.

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Employers, Are You Ready for IRS Letter 226J?

Since early 2013, when we got the final rules for employers offering health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, I have spoken to and met personally with literally thousands of employers to help them understand their compliance burdens under the ACA as business owners. Many of them were, and still are, Blue Cross customers. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty to us. And because you’ve stuck with us, I want to tell you Straight about an ACA issue coming up now that could affect you.

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