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Balance billing is bad news you may not see coming

The only thing worse than bad news is bad news you never saw coming. It happens in healthcare with balance, or surprise, billing. Also known as a pain in the rear. In this video (3:59), Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana healthcare economist Mike Bertaut explains what balance billing is and how you can avoid it.

Posted on: August 21, 2019

7 comments on “Balance billing is bad news you may not see coming

  1. Paul Lea

    you don’t want to allow me to use my the right to chose my own out of network doctor (that I paid Blue Cross for)
    NO MATTER HOW GOOD MY CHOSEN DOCTOR IS……….and that is immoral!

    • Michael Bertaut

      In general, when you purchase an BCBSLA insurance product, either on your own or through your own employer, we state emphatically what you are purchasing in terms of network breadth and availability. IN addition, you can, at enter your product and see every doctor and facility that has agreed to protect you from balance billing. We work hard to keep that list up to date and clear.
      The problem becomes, when an in-network facility allows medical providers to touch their patients WITHOUT requiring they accept the same network agreements the hospital does.
      Continuing this practice is not only horrible for consumers, it guarantees that no one treated will ever be able to safely say “I’m insured for that.”
      You’ve seen the video. Since the medical community is not interested in solving this problem amicably, Congress will. And I’m comfortable no one will be happy with that solution.
      Thanks for playing!…mrb

  2. paul Lea

    PS. This is a lie, there is already a law to prevent anesthesiologists from billing more than the contracted rate at a contracted hospital.

  3. Jerry Tomlinson

    Well done. Also, it has been said, to me, ” the insurance provider “tells us” what they will pay for procedures/test etc… which is based on medicaid/medicare rates” That’s why you receive, from us, a bill for the difference. It would sure be nice to see all charges posted on-line or in each office for each service rendered.


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