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A Glorious Opportunity! And You Can Attend for Free!

Every now and then, a real opportunity comes along to make yourself smarter, more efficient and more productive. The good ones, in my experience, are few and far between. On Thursday, Aug. 23 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans, one of the best will take place.

I’m talking about our third annual Business to Business (B2B) Forum on Healthcare Solutions.

Straight Talk is, you can sign up, attend and it will cost you nothing! Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is hosting this event as a resource for Louisiana businesses.

So Mike, what’s this all about?
Imagine spending time with business owners and leaders in different industries, at the same place and same time for networking purposes. THEN, throw in some of the smartest people in healthcare (no, I mean in ADDITION to me!) talking about the issues that affect you, your business, your employees and their families. Finally, we’ll have a panel discussion on healthcare with some of the most influential people in the state, talking about healthcare issues and your bottom line.

Heck, we even throw in lunch! How can you pass this up?

Who do you mean when you say the “Smartest People in Healthcare”?


Dr. Vindell Washington Somesh Nigam Milam Ford Dr. Corey Hebert


I’m literally talking about the guys who stop me from feeling like the smartest guy in the room. Like:

Dr. Vindell Washington, chief medical officer here at Blue Cross, who’ll be talking about using innovation to change the way healthcare is delivered, improving outcomes and costs.

Somesh Nigam, Ph.D., chief analytics and data officer of Blue Cross, talking about the predictive models helping us provide enhanced care even BEFORE patients need it.

Milam Ford, Blue Cross’s vice president of Pharmacy Services, explaining how to manage drug costs, especially expensive ones like gene-therapy drugs.

Dr. Corey Hebert, a practicing physician and television and radio talk show host, sharing with us how wellness in the workplace and Blue Bikes are changing healthcare culture.

And my good friend Wes Miller, who will share a session on Association Health Plans and the opportunities they provide for businesses. I’ll join Wes in his session to tell you how to avoid paying BIG fines under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as a large employer.

After a full morning of absorbing the latest in healthcare innovation, we’ll hear from these prominent business leaders in a full panel discussion on the healthcare issues near and dear to their and their stakeholders’ hearts. I’ll be moderating this star-filled group


Stephen Waguespack
Ben Johnson
Pres./CEO, N.O. Chamber of Commerce
Michael Hecht
Pres./CEO, GNO, Inc.
Quentin Messer
Pres./CEO, N.O. Business Alliance


Whew! Where else could you EVER get such a star-studded team all in one place, all in one day and without having to pay anything to attend?

Nowhere. But that’s the level of commitment Blue Cross has to the companies and workers in Louisiana who invest so much of their hard-earned treasure in their health insurance. This is our third B2B Healthcare Forum, and the others were smashing successes!

Ok Mike, I’m in! How do I sign up?
Easy. Follow this link —  — and sign up.

Get your seats now! Although this event is free, seating is limited, and it’s filling up fast! You don’t need to be a Blue Cross customer to attend. I can’t wait to meet all of you there. I’ll be there in person from open to close!

Straight Talk is, this is too good to pass up!

Posted on: July 26, 2018

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