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So, THAT was a surprise! With President Trump, What Happens to My Health Insurance?

I have been pummeled with many, many different reactions since the Nov. 8 election and more questions than I can shake a stick at. I suspect my next few blog posts will be about roughly these same topics. But, before we dive into the questions, let me tell you a bit of what I’ve figured out so far about the future of health insurance and the Affordable Care Act (healthcare reform law).

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Category: ACA and Policy, Cost of Healthcare, Health Insurance

The Federal Role in Benefit Design in Individual Health Insurance: Are You Better Off?

Note from Mike: I’m sifting through the information coming out about the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Medicare and healthcare in a Trump presidency. I’ll be back soon to offer my take on it, but in the meantime, see this Q&A on what Blue Cross is doing right now.

In my last blog post, I gave details about how much rates for individual customers’ health insurance are going up next year and why. I promised do a future blog about not just how much premiums cost, but how much financial protection the federally-designed products for 2017 give the average customer. This may get a bit wonky, so please bear with me as you go through.

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