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Help in a Scary World

I recently had the real privilege to meet some of our Medicare members in person. Mr. Jimmy, who you’ll meet in this video, is a Blue Cross member who had a harrowing experience.

Simply put, he turned up at the hospital one day for treatment, only to find out that his identity had been stolen. Someone had switched him to a different health insurance company! And that meant his Blue Cross coverage was no longer valid – right when he needed care.

It was at that point that Mr. Jimmy and his family learned how important it is to do business with a company that takes personal service very seriously. He called his Blue Cross agent, Hope, (she’s also in the video!) and told her what had happened. Up to speed on all these issues, Hope knew exactly what to do and who to call. The resulting fraud investigation went forward quickly, and his identity theft was uncovered.

More importantly, our team got Mr. Jimmy back to his original Blue Cross plan, and he was able to get his healthcare needs met as he expected.

And he was so happy, he asked if he could tell ALL our customers about his experience. There are no actors in this video, only real people telling their real stories. I was blessed to be at Mr. Jimmy’s house when all the filming of the video was taking place. He and his family are amazing people, and we hope you are moved by their story.

Mr. Jimmy’s Medicare Advantage Member Story (2:48)

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