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Hurricane Ida Special Edition

I hope you are all doing well out there. I know it’s been a pretty challenging week for everyone. My family and I got to see Ida up close, as the eyewall passed about 10 miles east of us. Hours of hurricane-force winds take the fun out of everything, right? We were blessed to come through safely and without any serious damages. I pray the same is true for all of you. I know the people who were 10 miles on the OTHER side of the eyewall had it much worse. Read more

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Drowning… and COVID-19

When I was a teenager, I basically lived in the water. Between the huge municipal pool a few blocks from my home and friends’ camps along Bayou Teche, I was pretty much always wet.  My dad loved the water, and he taught us to ski, swim, dive, you name it. Read more

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COVID-19: The Not-So-Much Bunch

When I was a kid, I grew up surrounded by relatives. My mom had five brothers and sisters. On average, they had 4.3 kids per family. Add that to the five kids in our household, and you had the makings of quite a cousin party, pretty much all the time. My mom’s father gave up trying to remember the names of his 29 grandkids. He gave us numbers based on our ages. I was #3. My youngest brother, Chris, hated the fact that he was #27. Read more