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Blue Cross, through NOLAHI, Invests Directly in Improving Outcomes for Diabetics

As a person with Type 2 diabetics in my family, I’ve seen the struggle, up close and personal, of having to stick yourself multiple times a day, record your blood sugar levels and then convert that on the fly into some kind of medicine dosing. Calling it a messy process is being kind.

Through the NOLAHI Diabetes Care Challenge, from Blue Cross and Ochsner Health System, one company called Alertgy demonstrated technology that puts an end to sticking, handling blood products, test strips and metering the old-fashioned way. This company has essentially developed a tricorder (yes, like Star Trek) that can continuously monitor your blood sugar WITHOUT TOUCHING YOUR BLOOD.

Needless to say, Alertgy won the challenge, and here’s a video of how things went that day. This is some of the most exciting technology I’ve ever seen, and it needs to be pursued.

In the words of our Chief Analytics and Data Officer, Somesh Nigam: “It’s really going to be a game-changer for diabetics!”

2 comments on “Blue Cross, through NOLAHI, Invests Directly in Improving Outcomes for Diabetics

  1. Michael Bertaut

    This is a great question! If the Alertgy technology pans out, it will not require a trans-dermal sensor be inserted under your skin (and replaced frequently) nor needle sticks to calibrate, and ultimately it would be about the size of a Fitbit and worn on your wrist just like one.

    It’s a very different technology, using electromagnetic radiation/magnetism emitted by your bloodstream in motion to indicate glucose levels.

    Pretty simple and amazing. The working prototype is quite accurate, just about 3×5 inches. I’m told miniaturization will not be complex, just expensive for the first few. Ultimate unit costs are projected to be below $40 a unit!

    Both are cool gadgets, though….



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