Author: Michael Bertaut
Healthcare Economist Michael Bertaut (BURR-toe) is a Certified Health Consultant and Professional of the Academy of Healthcare Management. He has more than 30 years of analytical experience in the healthcare, telecom and retail industry sectors. On the ground in D.C. when the healthcare reform law (PPACA) was written, Michael has taken part in more than 1,100 public discussions on healthcare costs and the impact of reform since 2009. Mike is a fellow of the Academy of Applied Politics at Louisiana State University, and author of this Hermes Award winning healthcare blog. Michael earned his MBA and BA from Louisiana State University and just celebrated his 35th year as a cancer survivor. Michael is recognized as a national commentator on healthcare reform, quoted in the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and state and local publications. He is a regular guest on the Talk Louisiana radio show.

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The Power of Information: Quality Blue Primary Care Program

By Michael Bertaut, Healthcare Economist

Anyone who has put together a home budget can tell you that the simplest (in theory) way to save money is to spend less. That applies to healthcare as well. At Blue Cross, we spend 84% of your premiums on actual healthcare, so we can make the biggest impact in controlling premium costs by actually keeping healthcare spending lower.

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